I Have A Mirror in My Room
I Have A Mirror in My Room positivity stories

blueribbons Just a girl enchanted by poetry..
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What do you see?

I Have A Mirror in My Room

I have a mirror in my room,

It used to be my friend,

But now it only screams at me,

And asks how much I ate.

It used to be so friendly,

It never mocked my weight,

Now it only judges me,

Points out what there's to hate.

I've always wondered what I'd done,

To hurt my mirror so,

That it's only goal in life would be,

to sadden up my soul.

But the answer really doesn't lie In the reflections that it holds.

It lies, in fact within my being,

Far deeper than my bones.

You see, our thoughts sometimes are ruptured,

By the ideas in our head,

Which society plants within our minds,

That leave us feeling bare.

My mirror never truly meant,

What it had made me see.

The picture I was truly seeing,

Was the reflection of society.

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