Changing a Man
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bluemistane Blue like the sea, and just as hopeless
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Recent Developments have allowed the Human mind to be transferred to an android body. With that a popular figure, David Richerson has been one of the first to request such a transfer. The procedure itself is referred to as being "reborn".

Changing a Man

"So, tell me Dave, why would you want to get reborn, why do you want to get a 'new body'?"

Dave stood and looked at the pamphlet in his hands, "I expected more of a yes or no question but I can go over that if you like."

"We got time while we wait for the equipment to get checked, go ahead."

"Well, I have put myself quite in a corner you see, I started in a good family, with good money and good opportunities, in a clearer sense, I got spoiled.

I only started working when I was on the edge of death, with no money and no goals to seek."

"Jesus Dave, you're 25, you still got a whole ton of time to change whatever you want!"

"Don't give me that crap, I have already thought of that. It's not that easy. I am not a simple man, I have done myself in and wrapped my life around a pole."

"How so, you still got money and you look quite healthy to me."

Dave shook his head, "Yes, in the material world every thing seems all good, doesn't it? The person has all the money he needs, has a condo or maybe a few.

He is surrounded by people who think he is interesting and cool but who never really spend time with him. I can live a good life, yes, but I can't."

"Now you're just going in circles. I don't get you."

A sigh came out of Dave's nostrils and his steel face just stared at empty space in the room, "I have invalidated my own integrity.

My my mind is full of regrets, regrets that make me not want to talk to people, regrets that keep me from being exited, regrets that I cannot forget."

"Come on man, we all have regrets, it's just a phase in everyone's life, does it really make you want you to be converted to an android?

" As John said that he saw that Dave's eyes were struggling to hold back rivers of suffering.

This big hulk of a man, with a face that can you can punch and it would still look confident, is weak and struggling.

Dave closed his eyes and leaned back, "I'm sorry John, we have only know each other for a few days, and even then it was just to get me ready for this... this moment.

You see, I have told everyone lies. I am not strong, I am not confident. I am not social, when people see me smile and talk it's all a facade."

John sat down on the couch facing Dave, "Jesus Dave, shouldn't you be seeing a..."

Dave smashed the glass table between them with one swing of his fist, "I am NOT Dave!"

John looked at the person before him, curled up with glass fragments all around him.

"John," he said as he leaned back on the sofa again, "I killed Dave, I took his money, I took his identity... I, I live a lie."

It was quiet. It felt as though time had stopped in the room but after the long pause he continued, "I burned down the family house.

I was an orphan, I watched this kid have everything while I had to sell drugs, steal and sleep with the criminals.

Papers said I took to drugs because of the 'accident' but no, I was already on drugs because I never was David, I was a criminal that just looked like him and who thought he deserved better."

A door opened to the waiting room. A woman, dressed like a nurse, looked at "Dave" for a few moments before commenting, "John, the transfer sequence is ready. Please send Mr.

Richerson through to the bay," and walking back out.

"Dave" stood up and went for the door, tears still running down his cheeks, "Once I have a new life, even if it will be mechanoid, at least I wont be fooled by greed."

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