A Special Delivery
A Special Delivery short stories
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bluemistane Blue like the sea, and just as hopeless
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Steve got something special that his whole neighborhood is interested in, but where is Brad?

A Special Delivery

"Hey, Brad!" said Steve, scratching his nose and adjusting his glasses.

"Have you heard of this new thing in front if my house, I'm going around and showing it to all my friends."

Brad took his eyes off of the newspaper he was reading and stood up from his lawn chair raising an eyebrow in Steve's direction,

"I've never seen you be so open about something you have gotten before, tell me, what is it."

Steve shook his head, "Oh no, no, no, I can't explain that, you need to walk over and see it for yourself."

Brad put down the newspaper onto the lawn chair and walked over his lawn to the fence diving his house and Steve's.

Looking over the fence he saw a crowd of about 10 or maybe 20 people just standing around something. The people were pretty cramped up so it could't have been anything too big.

Either way a simple garden gnome never gets the attention of the whole neighborhood.

Steve giggled as he watched Brad walk around his fence and over to the crowd of people.

Brad, pushing some people away so he could look, stopped and looked back the Steve, "Are you trying to tell me that a meteor just decided to come and land right in your damn mail box?".

"Not just any meteor!" laughed Steve from across the yard, "Look a bit closer!"

Brad looked back at the little crater and knelt down to get a better look.

There it was, a proper rock the size of a fist, as Brad look at it he noticed that the rock seemed to sparkle every time he would move a little.

Then his mind hit him with a realization and his eyes widened.

In the background Steve had fallen on the grass and was laughing while a single word echoed in Brad's mind, "diamonds."

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