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blueinkditty Words. Up, down, around, everywhere.
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You see, you're hurt, and we know it's wrong.

"All That"

Let it go or hold it tight

Just know what it's for that you fight

Don't leave dreams under the dust so that they can't see them

Don't hide them under your shame

Saving us yesterday again

We thought it all, we thought it all before

Many things they stay the same

But we change them, just behind our eyes

Melting hearts and souls, uncontrolled twine no one can tame

Many things they look like lies,

But didn't change, away from our eyes

Melting heart and hands, an illusion no one can find

Slowly it fades

All that we made

All that we said

Tears that we shed

Birds in our voices creak and cry

They know they have said this all before we have, said this all before

Birds in our voices sing and fly

We know we have wished this all before they have, dreamed this all before

Slowly it fades

All that we laid

All that we claimed

All that we changed

Slowly we fade

Soldier, oh fighter of that young belief and

You keep running from words you send

You keep fighting feelings in your hand

I know its has been for so long

And you see, you're hurt, and we know it's wrong

And the chain at your wrist is broken but tight

And it keeps blurring your sight

The wise old words, they've been silent for many years

Because of sayings that came from old weary men without ears

And their wrinkled minds they have no tears

So they steal yours and put salt on your fears

But your dreams are strong and the man in you is sheer

In the stars and the sky, in the grass and the trees

In your bones and in your flesh it bleeds

Soldier, oh fighter on your weakened depths,

Keep fighting for the human left

Keep fighting for yourself

Slowly it fades

All that is dead

All that we dread

Love that we bled

Let it go or hold it tight

Do what you can, with all your might

And dream of the human dust so it can turn to light.

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