" Could be"
  " Could be" hope stories

blueinkditty Words. Up, down, around, everywhere.
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You'll find hearts, and you'll feel what you found.

" Could be"

Flow your way

Hear the crackling sound

Waves of feelings down

Left unsaid

Don't close your gates

Hold ghosts in the souls haunted

Fight words in the glances unturned

Don't fear them

And you'll find hearts

And you'll feel what you found

If judgement comes

Tear him down

There'll be tears in the fire

Softly the smiles will shine

There'll be loss for the liars

But maybe you will be fine

Throw your pains

Don't let them wander around

Don't let them break you unbound

Not again

Raise your hands

Lose yourself in the other's touch

Don't leave your affection to rust

Or astray

And you'll find words

And you'll taste how they sound

If cold gazes comes

Push them out

There'll be peace for the seekers

Slowly the mouths will speak

There'll be love for the lovers

And bravery for the weak.

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