.•I Will Find You•. By Madden S.
.•I Will Find You•. 

By Madden S.  poetry stories

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My first piece of writing that I’m submitting here! I hope people like it! I won’t be writing just poetry though, I’m working on a book!

.•I Will Find You•. By Madden S.

Give me your hand We’ll dance through the stars And it won’t be that hard If we’ve just come this far

Tell me you love me In a dream I will find you And I won’t fall behind you This time I won’t try to

I’ll run up ahead To make sure it’s all okay To know that you’re safe today So we’ll both have the Strength to say:

“We can take both our hands And twirl though the stars And it won’t be that hard ‘Cause we’ve already come so far

Don’t think of the bad times Yet remember the past And despite all the bad lines I promise we’ll last

Just remember that I’ll wait for you Wherever you may be And maybe today we Just you and me Can be totally free.

So let go of my hand dear, You’ll fall though the stars And though sometimes It’s hard I promise I won’t be far

I’ll find you again, And then, in the end, We can both dream together Just you, me, Forever.”

And when I wake up And open my eyes I knew it was a dream A fantastical lie

Still I don’t doubt I’ll find you And we’ll steal all the stars And keep them in our hearts So I know where you are.

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