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The Mysterious Box

I hear the doorbell ring, but I don't bother to get up. I still have a lot of homework left and my brother will probably want to open the door.

Whenever Lennon and I are alone in the house, he always wants to be charge and do things like open the door when the doorbell rings because he is older than me.

After a couple seconds I still don't hear the door of his room opening, so I get up to see what he is doing. When I open the door, I see that Lennon is staring at his computer screen. I'm not able to see exactly what he's doing because he slams it shut when he notices me.

"Will you ever knock?" he complains. Then he throws a pillow from his bed at me, but I dodge it and the pillow lands in the hallway. I laugh and Lennon glares at me.

Lennon clears his throat. "What do you want, Reagan?" "The doorbell rang. I thought you would want to get it." "Well I'm busy right now, so you can get it." "Oh, ok." I say, shocked because he never says anything like that.

I leave his room and go downstairs. Whoever is at the door probably is annoyed because they were waiting for so long. Or they could've already left. I'll still open the door though, in case someone's still there.

When I get to the door I open it, but see no one standing outside. Instead, I see a big black box on the front steps. Weird. I take a step closer and see a label on the top of the box that reads: "Caution: may bite."

Huh? That's strange... Maybe I should just leave the box here and wait for Mom to come home with my younger sister. They should be back soon. My sister has a soccer game today, but I couldn't come because I have a lot of homework.

I look around outside to see if anyone seems to be looking for something, but don't see anyone outside--except for a man across the street who is walking his dog. Hesitantly, I grab the box and bring it inside.

Once I'm inside, I bring the box to my room. I don't tell Lennon about it because he most likely will try calling Mom or something else that a "responsible person" would do.

Slowly, I open the box. Inside it is a hamster. It's fur is sort of an orange color with black stripes. Kind of strange, but it's just a hamster. And why would a hamster bite?

I reach inside the box to pet the hamster and it bites my arm. "Ow!" I yell, grabbing my arm in pain. I hear Lennon coming towards my room, so I quickly close the box. He barges into my room just as I slide the box under my bed.

"Why are you screaming?" He asks. I shrug, unsure of what to say without showing him the box. He walks closer to me."What happened to your arm?" I look at my arm and see the bite marks from the strange hamster. "Uh.."

"Was there anyone at the door?" He asks, changing the topic. "No, but there was a box at the door," I reply before thinking about what I'm saying. "A box? Where is it?" "I don't know. I left it outside," I lie. "What was inside of it?" "I didn't look inside."

"Yes, you did, Reagan. Anyone would look at a box that is at their front door. I know you would definitely look." He smirks at me. "I didn't look, Lennon." "Then what happened to your arm?" "Nothing."

"Reagan, answer me. Tell me what happened to your arm." he demands, his voice laced with anger. "Fine," I start to say, but then a strange noise comes from under my bed. Almost like a roar of a... lion? tiger?

Lennon reaches his hands under my bed and grabs the box out. "Don't open it!" I warn him, but he already has it opened before I can finish talking. His mouth drops wide in confusion. "Huh? It's just a hamster?? Did it bite you?" "Y-yeah."

"Where did you find this?" "It was at the front door." He closes the box. "Well from now on, I'm always opening the door when we're home alone." I scowl at him as he walks out of my room, shaking his head.

"Hey! Where are you going, Lennon?" He ignores me and continues walking. I follow him out the front door and into the woods behind our house. "What are you doing?" He keeps ignoring me, walking further into the woods.

I sigh and continue to follow him. As we walk, the box shakes almost seeming like the creature is trying to get out. Lennon covers the top of the box with his hand, so it can't escape.

Finally he stops at a large cave and sets the box down at the mouth of the cave. "Are we just going to leave it here?" I ask. "What do you suggest we do with it? Do you have a better idea, Reagan?"

"No" I reply. "Exactly," he says, "Now lets get back before Mom and Caitlyn get home." I nod and follow him back to the house.

Luckily when we get home, Mom and Caitlyn aren't there yet. But just as we get inside, our Mom's car is pulling up the driveway. "We made it back just in time," Lennon smiles. "Yep."

I smile back and we both run up to our rooms, so they don't suspect that anything strange happened.

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