Is it Luck?
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A story for @wafflecatz St. Patrick’s Day contest. I used the prompt four leaf clover.

Is it Luck?

Drawing in my sketchbook, I glance at my phones clock. It's only 10pm. Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. It's one of my favorite holidays.

I like it because it's a celebration for Ireland, and my family and I are Irish. Right now I'm drawing in my sketchbook. I'm drawing a girl who I go to school with.

I'm adding my finishing touches to the drawing of four leaf clovers in her hair, which symbolize good luck, when my eleven year old sister, Sloane, comes dashing into my room.

"Guess what, Maeve?" She shouts, gasping for breath from running so fast. "What?" I ask, slightly annoyed that she didn't knock before coming in, but grinning at her silliness. "Just guess!" She exclaims.

"Hmm..." I start, but Sloane quickly interrupts me. "Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day!" "I knew that already," I tell her with a wide smile. She smiles back, then looks at my sketchbook. Pointing to the girl that I am drawing she asks, "Who's that?"

I blush slightly. "Just a girl from my school." "What's her name?" "Bella." Sloane studies the picture for a few more seconds then walks towards my bedroom door without saying anything to me.

"Good night," I call to her as she leaves my room. "Good night," she repeats back to me and softly shuts the door.

After I finish the drawing, I put my sketchbook inside my backpack and get into my bed. I check my phone for the time and see that it's almost 11pm. Turning my phone off, I smile to myself. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a great day.

In the morning, I get woken up for school by my noisy alarm clock. I quickly get up, get dressed, and start to head downstairs, but then I realize today is St. Patrick's Day. How could I forget?

I get back inside my room to change and put on a green hoodie with four leaf clovers on it that says "Happy St. Patrick's Day!"

Then, I go downstairs and see my parents and Sloane in the kitchen, eating breakfast. Sloane is dressed all in green, from head to toe. "Happy St. Patrick's Day!" My mom says to me. I smile and go to the cabinet to get some cereal.

I grab the cereal corn flakes, which Sloane is also eating and pour some in a bowl. Then I add milk and start to eat.

When I finish eating I get inside dad's car. Dad and Sloane join me a few minutes later. "Ready for school today?" Dad asks us. "Yeah!" Sloane lively shouts, followed by a less enthusiastic "Yep," from me. Dad grins and starts the car.

When we get to the school, Sloane and I both say bye to our dad, then head towards the front doors of the school. Before we get inside, Sloane bends over and picks something up off the ground.

"What are you doing?" I ask her. Then I see something green, almost grass colored in her hand. "It's a four leafed clover!" She hands it to me, beaming.

"Thanks," I say stuffing it inside my coat pocket. As we get closer to the doors, I stick my hand into my pocket to feel the clover. We almost get inside, but then Sloane stops us again.

"Wait," Sloane whispers, tugging on my hoodie sleeve. I turn towards her, and see her looking at someone walking inside the school. It's Bella. "Isn't that the girl you drew a picture of?" Sloane asks me

I ponder her question before answering. "Yeah, it is." "You should give it to her!" Sloane tells me in a cheerful tone. I shake my head. "Why not?" She asks.

There are so many reasons I don't think I should, but I don't say anything because I don't know what to start with.

Before I can stop her, Sloane is running across the grass towards Bella. "Bella!" She shouts. I see a look of confusion spread across Bella's face and I feel my face grow hot.

I consider waking inside the building, but decide to stay outside to see what happens."My sister," Sloane starts, then points over towards me. "She drew a picture of you."

Sloane talks loud enough for me to hear, but I'm not able to hear Bella's response. I hope she's not annoyed at me for drawing a picture of her.

Then, Bella is walking over to me. Sloane stays still on the grass and doesn't follow her. "So, you drew a picture of me?" Bella asks when she gets close enough for me to hear her.

"Yeah," I hesitantly reply. "Can I see it?" She asks, which causes me to regret telling her I did. I don't speak, unsure what to say. She might not even like the picture. "It's fine if you don't want to show me."

"I can show you it," I say as calmly as I can, despite my racing heart. I reach into my backpack and grab my sketchbook. I open it slowly in case she changes her mind. She doesn't.

When I get to the page with my drawing of her on it, she grins. "I like it, it's a beautiful drawing." "Thank you." I smile and put my sketchbook away in my backpack.

"Can I ask you a question?" Bella asks me. "Yeah," I say. She stares straight in my eyes and asks, "Do you like me?" My face heats up and I look down at my shoes.

"Yeah, I kind of do." "I figured. You're always blushing and seem nervous around me," she tells me. I look up to see her content expression.

"I don't like you like that, but we still could be friends," she says, without letting her eyes slip away from my gaze. "Yeah, ok," I say, trying to hide the disappointment in my tone.

"Let's go inside," Bella cheerfully says, gesturing towards the school door. I glance behind me at Sloane to see her with a pleased look on her face, before I nod at Bella and follow her inside.

We silently walk to our first class together. When we get inside the class, she sits down next to me and gives me a friendly smile. I smile back and reach in my pocket. The four leaf clover feels like it's glowing.

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