Sleep Dust
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blueduckkCommunity member
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Just a small thing. This is my first story, but I have done a poem before hand so very limited experience. Any feedback will be appreciated

Sleep Dust

by blueduckk

When you wake up...

...and rub your eye's

Do you find the dust?

Just in the crook where the top lid meets the bottom?

Have you ever wondered what it was? The dust making a bed in the corner of your eye.

Most think it's the Sandman, helping you sleep. But I know better.

The dust in the smallest crook of your eye...

They are tears.

Not yours...well, in a way, I suppose they are.

They are the tears of another you, weeping in another world.

I wonder what made them cry?

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
5 months agoReply
Hauntingly beautiful. The thinking behind the message was creative and well written. Great poem!!!