A Garden of Bugs and Beauty
A Garden of Bugs and Beauty  flowers stories

blueduckk Community member
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A nice nature poem which also has a kind of environmentalist message saying that you should definitely not kill bugs because they are precious and provide unique service to nature.

A Garden of Bugs and Beauty

by blueduckk

A sweet, sweet scent is in the air, coming from the windows drifting down, down to your chair.

Through the doors into the garden, a garden of life full of beauty and swarms of bugs.

Crocus spring in a jubilee, Sun-shaded Daffodils raise trumpets in madrigals.

Red, yellow, blue petals bloom full, Stems stretch and leaves swell in the warm embrace of summer.

All of this and more in a Garden of Bugs and Beauty,

Alas! the bugs in swarms are here, Buzzing honey bees, fluttering lacewings greet the plants,

In a precious companionship, a wild bond of untamed wildlife a sweet unity of abundant life.

Ah! All of this in a garden, where life does grow and end and grow again...where life begins.

All of this and more in a Garden of Bugs and Beauty

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