Publishing is HARD By; Acyra Blue
Publishing is HARD

By; Acyra Blue stories
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This is a short ranty thing. About writing... So yeah...

By AcyraBlue (Trust me, I'm the author)

Publishing is HARD By; Acyra Blue

Ahh... Life, is horrible and amazing. Mix those two words together, and you get "Horrifyingly amazing". My life is mixed with jealousy, hardships, tears, and yet, also with a spice of love, happiness, and laughter. But, I'm not here to tell you that! I'm here to tell you my journey.

Being a writer is harder than any challenge in the world. It's at least one of the hardest. You see, not all of us can turn out successful. Even, I don't know if I'm successful. But, our hardest challenge as being a writer is publishing. When we look at our works now, we go "Hmm.. not bad" but tomorrow, you'll go "OMFG, It's awful" Stop... I'm telling you to stop.

I'm going to repeat... Stop. Okay? I wrote a story when I just a young fellow, and published it on Wattpad. I looked back at it now... I was speechless, speechless because it was horrible. I was also amazed. Back then, I would say that was my greatest work. Right now, I would say, I had courage and stupidity on publishing it.

But, don't you see? When I realized, that. I started working harder, watching videos about writing on youtube, articles on google, and heck even how-to write manuals from Wattpad. But, as I progressed, the more I want to publish the works I made delayed. I realized my mistakes, and (insert curse word) I was scared.

I had less guts now than I had before. I asked help from other writers and amazed on how they did it. But, I was upset. It wasn't my style. I wrote a prologue chapter recently, and asked for a fellow writer to proofread it on Wattpad. They gave me a word of encouragement (Not telling my username, nor their username I have no right to do so)

I look back at it. My problem with writing was my pace of the story, the descriptiveness, and my simple choice of words. Overall, I always say I suck. We're going to get to the subject of How to stop doubting and all of that later. Maybe I'll rant about it later too. XD. Anyway, right now, I'm just going to say stop doubting.

I looked at it and realize it wasn't really that bad. If my pace was fast on the story, I took that fast pace to the end. If my pace had to be slow and descriptive, then I'll take it till the end. What I'm trying to tell you is, stop looking at what you did wrong, and start looking at what you did write. Look at encouraging quotes, go to writing book clubs for help.

Just don't give up. Publishing is the hardest step. It's not about improving and all of that (insert curse word). It's publishing that's standing on your way. Now, the question remains. How? *smiles* Simple... Stop critiquing, (why?) because that stops you from improving. We stop writing the story at times when we see that our first chapter sucks.

Well guess what? Continue writing. I haven't finished a book yet, but I will. Because my motto as a writer is "Write, and don't look back. Don't look back like Orpheus" Go search about Orpheus in the internet, but anyway this is my short tale of writing. More like rants. Tell me in the comments below if you want more XD. I hope, your own journey goes well.

AcyraBlue OUT

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