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Funny, how things change as soon as midnight arrives. Funny, how all your anger evaporate into nothingness. Your tired limbs, lay on the bed and soon you'd feel nothing. Not even the soft comforter below. Funny... How pain only leaves when midnight arrives.


"Define Midnight" Loading... Loading... Loading...

You searched, "Define Midnight" mid·night /'mid , nit/ noun 'Twelve o' clock at night' 'the middle period of the night'

The meaning of the word to you, weighs more than any meaning despite what the vocabulary says.

You would think, 'I have felt love' when someone reasons, you haven't. What does love mean to you exactly?

Does it mean, spending eternity forever? Or does it mean, standing together, ready to spend your lives fighting each others monsters? or is it simply... A belief of a legend, saying a human we're two people mashed into one.. Now you're looking for your other half in the infinite world below.

The word will only mean something, if you believe what it truly means.

All this thoughts... Stay, stuck, into your mind... What does my life mean? Why do I live? What is the reason? Or besides that.. You either wonder, what your future is? Is your parents disappointed? And all of that...

Sadly... All this thoughts leave you as soon as midnight falls in. Is this another theory of science? Actually, it's not... It's half a rational thought, half logic, and overall, it's just a theory. A theory, to me, at least, means it's something that both fact, and thought smashed into one word.

What... does midnight mean to me? Can I look at my system first? -Searching system's disk- It means... A time, where worry fades. A time, where rational, logical, worries leave... because... Sometimes... We never do rest now..

Midnight is the only time, and place you can only trust. Where you would stand up on your bed, either come down, or take a walk outside. To relish you from any thoughts... Until nothing now matters...

The earth could've crashed... And you wouldn't have cared. Only the fact... That midnight... Had come....

The End.. ONE THIS IS STUPID... I did not even know what I wrote half-way to the finishing it. XD. I hope you enjoyed it. Bye!

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