"I like you"
"I like you" feelings stories

blueberry_juice just another girl <3
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I like you.

"I like you"

"I like you" a poem by blueberry_juice

I've always heard,

"if your friendship is strong enough, it will last."

before I tell you,

I think it over in my head.

will our friendship last?

the earthquake I am about to bestow upon us,

do we have a strong enough bond?

they tell me,

"if it doesn't work out, it wasn't meant to."

but I want us to work out.

I don't want to ruin us.

you tell me it won't be awkward,

but do you really know what you're about to hear?

do you know what I'm about to tell you?

okay fine, maybe you do.

you've always known, a little bit.

I take a deep breath, and walk toward you.

I'm finally going to tell you what I've been hiding for months,

years even.

The words echo in my head.

"I like you."

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