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When does it start to hurt? Not the bruises, but the words?


When does it start to hurt?

Not the bruises, but the words?

When does “I love you” stops being a form of endearment,

And turns into a threat,

When do your lover's eyes on you strike fear into you,

Instead of making you feel cherished,

When do they stop whispering sweet sweet little nothings in your ears,

And start yelling insults that, as time goes on, start getting harder and harder to not believe,

When lovers don't touch one another,

It’s not considered abuse,

But being unhappy,

Yet when bruises start forming,

That is where it begins,

Yet where does it end?

Words are not harmless,


Like people,

Or fist,

Can break,

Maybe, if your lucky,

They can also remake,

But they are not harmless,

They are a survivor's biggest fear,

And an abuser's worst weapon,

They kill,

And they heal,

Like people,

They can be stopped,

But it starts with you.

Being called names isn't a part of life. Hurting others isn't alright. If you relate to this, please talk to someone. I love you all <3

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