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blue1014 "Tell us the secrets. Tell us the truth"
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Part of the daily prompt *hints at suicide, if you can't handle it you have been warned.*
One of the only things I long for, someone to understand.


Stop talking,

Close your mouth,

Look into your child's eyes,

Let them speak,

Do you see?

Can you hear?

They're scared,

They're alone,

They're waiting for something,

They want someone,

To care,

To be there,

To listen,

To hear,

They're grasping onto scraps of affection so tightly the people that provide it always end up leaving,

Do you still not see?

Can you still not hear them?

Search again, then,

And again,

And again,

And again,

No, do not talk,




Until you see those scars on their skin or marks on their chest or rope burns on their necks,

And you do not say "I don't understand,"

And you don't make them feel like the freak everyone has convinced them they are,

Until you can look at there battle wounds,

And refusal letters to the afterlife signed by the grim reaper himself,

Until you can look them straight in the eye after they have shown you there everything,

And they can see you're trying to understand,

Until that happens,

You may not speak,

Because saying things like your broken,

Or I can fix you,

Or you need help,

Does not help,

But if you close your mouth,

And open your eyes,

And ears,

And heart,

Just for a second,

And just listen,

They will know you want to help,

They will know.

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