I Lost My Mask
I Lost My Mask hiding stories

blue1014 "Tell us the secrets. Tell us the truth"
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To anyone that has ever worn a mask.

I Lost My Mask

When I told you I lost my mask,

You made me a new one,

You forced me into someone we both knew I wasn’t,

You plastered a smile on my face and laughter up my throat,

You broke me down until I was what you wanted me to be,

Then you got mad when I acted like someone else when I was around my friends,

But see,

My good friend Life,

I lost my mask,

When I told you this,

I wanted a new one,

So I can’t complain when you give it to me,

My friends see my mask and ask why won’t I take it off,

I told them it was given to me by a friend and I was taught it’s rude to give away a present.

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