Demons & Angels
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blue1014 "Tell us the secrets. Tell us the truth"
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I thought they were an angel. Then again so was Lucifer. At one point, anyway

Demons & Angels

I have a trapped door in the back of my mind,

I only open it to demons,

But where do I put the angels I see?

I met an angel once,

She was amazing, she let me talk with her all night,

And she listened, never ignored me, even let me in, too,

Then the night turned into day and that day turned into a week then it turned into months,

Where did my angel go?

How did you become a demon I opened my trapped door too?

Was it me?

Did I say something wrong?

It was me, huh,

It’s okay, angels don’t get with people that have demons in their minds,

You did always tell me that door would stop locking someday,

I told you it was okay,

I have angels to stop the demons,

Then I remembered, the devil used to be an angel.

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