Control Freak
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Don't you just hate control freaks?

Control Freak

A/N. I suggest listening to Sick Boy by The Chainsmokers while reading this, it's the song that inspired this, after all

They wanted to segregate us,

Make us hate,


Throw each other into the flames,


They formed our army,

We are united under our hate,

Not for each other,

But for the control freaks

Brothers and sisters fifty strong,

The people that said we must believe this,

Detest that,

Called us abnormal,

Mocked us for being oh so very informal,

We are not the freaks,

We are not weak

We are united under our hate,

We are not the freaks,

We are not weak,

We are united under our hate

This is our mantra,

This is our battle cry,

You formed us,

Now we must defeat you,

We refuse to be controlled,

We refuse to conform,

We are not freaks,

We may be unique,

But we will make life oh so very bleak,

For you,

Because that’s what you did to me,

And him,

And her,

And them.

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