Am I Allowed To Be Selfish?
Am I Allowed To Be Selfish? family stories

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Where is the line between being selfish and just taking care of yourself?

Am I Allowed To Be Selfish?

I can’t be selfish,

I can’t keep from worrying about my friends,

I can’t only think about myself,

Is this what my friends expect?

Or is this what I have to except?

Are my friends the problem?

Or is my thought process flawed?

Should I let this continue to be my normal,

Or change?

Fear of the unknown gives me one answer,

It makes me see monsters around every new corner,

Boogeymen under every new tree,

Blood splatters on each piece of new pavement,

Fear cripples my initiative to change,

Repetition demands sacrifice,

It’s a terrible cycle,

Something that can last for eternity if I let it,

Will I finally be able to break the infinity circle?

Can I face my monsters?

Stare down my boogeymen?

Wash the blood away?

Am I allowed to be selfish?

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