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Why is the human mind so complicated and hard to understand that until the day we die we are left wondering what we truly are.

Reptilian mind

Walking back home from school on the same path I have come across probably thousands of times, my brain is set to an autopilot mode.

I don't even have to remember when to make turns because my mind remembers the routine pretty well by now.

My best friend has always walked me home everyday but she hasn't been for over a week including today.

She has always been really nice to me and we have known each other since we were 6 years old.

She was very outgoing, social and friendly.

I wasn't exactly the same but was in-fact the opposite her personality.

Except that I hide my real self very well and come off mostly as a nice person.

When I get angry, I try to pretend like I'm forgiving when inside I'm seething with rage and of course, I make sure to extract a sweet revenge without anyone finding out.

Let me tell you about a little incident that happened five months ago.

This is very insignificant but anyways, we were playing basketball when one of my classmates stepped over me and pushed me aside.

I understand it's just a game and trust me, that's what's I told her too when she tried to apologise. And then I excused myself and walked to the bathroom as I planned.

It would have been too obvious to do anything to her that day so I waited for a week and then noted her schedules and during recess,

slipped out to her locker and took out her gym shoes and glued the inside of it with bulletin pins.

It was priceless to see her expression later and yes of course, I went to comfort her and helped her to the nurse station at the school. We became good friends since then or that's what she thinks.

She invited me to her house not too long ago and I learnt she has a cat that she really adores. I killed the cat by poisoning it.

It was hard this time but all you need is a plan and it works out perfectly. But sometimes I really like it when things don't work out as planned because it adds to the thrill.

Alright now, getting back to my best friend, she got herself a new companion. I can't really say I am possessive but I always wanted to know how it would feel.

How it would feel to kill a person who trusts me and believes that I have good intentions towards them. It is exhilarating to even think about it.

I will start to plan now so I will be busy for a while.

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