Late to work
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Natalie was getting late to work but she did have one more thing to do that morning...

Late to work

Natalie sat staring outside the window as she sipped her morning coffee. She had 15 minutes to get to the office or she would be late for work.

It was a job she really hated but she needed the pay.

She didn't like borrowing money from her parents as they had always seen her as someone not so capable or accomplished as her younger brother.

He had always been their favourite child being born with good-looks and brains that made it easy to be liked by people.

He was very charming and everyone liked him whereas she had never been a social person like her sibling and preferred solitude rather than vain company.

"Why aren't you more like your brother, Natalie?" "You won't be able to make any friends like that, Natalie." "He doesn't look like your brother, Natalie." "Are you both really siblings?"

She sighed and took a quick glance at her watch and realized that she only had 10 minutes now, or she would be late and would have to deal with her boss who hated her.

She set the coffee mug on the table and walked to the bathroom to take a quick shower. She wore the dress she bought after months of saving from her meagre salary.

She texted her boss that she would be 45 minutes late and then started her car from the garage and drove towards her office.

Natalie always drove through a small area of woods on her way to the office.When she reached them, she stopped and exited her car.

She opened the door to the back seat and pulled her brother’s body onto the ground. His face was still frozen with an expression of utter shock from when she had stabbed him multiple times the day before.

She closed the car door and took out a shovel and a pair of gardening gloves from the back door and dragged the body deep into the woods.

She returned to her car after a while and threw the shovel back in, and drove towards her office.

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