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bloodyocean Community member
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Dave keeps hearing knocks at his door

Knock at the door

This could be a cliché thing that always happens in thrillers and horror movies but nevertheless it is not any less frightening when it actually happens to you.

I live in a small apartment and have a very below average life as an average looking guy and have had my share of flings and relatively equal amount of heartbreaks. I digress.

Getting back to the knock at the door, the first time it happened, I waived it off as a rat or a cat or maybe the wind (even though I wouldn't know how).

But the other day I heard it again, I was jerked back to consciousness with my face mashed to my bed.

I didn't bother to check the wall clock and groggily walked to the door and opened it and evidently no one was there. I again chose to neglect and ignore.

It could be the wind again or some nosy kids next door. This was when I had an impulse to look at the clock. It was 2:00 AM.

'Well, maybe just the wind then' I convinced myself apathetically and went back to my welcoming cot.

The third time I witnessed this knock is more vivid because I was watching a late night movie like I mostly do on a Saturday night when I heard the audible but soft knock.

I turned down the volume on the TV and walked to the door and opened it to again find no evidence of anything capable of knocking.

Even though I couldn't shake off the feeling of a presence in the apartment, I continued to watch the movie when I heard it again after a while.

And only this time I realized that it came from inside my apartment. The knock was coming from my closet.

I trembled as the adrenaline kicked in to increase my heartbeat and quickened my breathing.

I slowly walked to the closet and heard the knock again only louder as if the thing inside wanted to be let out. I grabbed the handle and opened it in one quick sweep.

"What do you want?" I asked looking at the decaying body. It was my girlfriend. She always keeps trying to remind me of her presence to the point that it gets aggravating.

How could I forget her?

We had a rocky relationship and she had the nerve to cheat on me and wished to break-up per contra I forgave her after ramming her head into the wall and hid her in the closet.

She can't leave me now. We can always be together.

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