Him as my Dream~
Him as my Dream~ romance stories

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This is a jibe at dreams and a guy... through a slightly different approach.

Him as my Dream~

Some people are just meant to be your dreams. Seriously. They just cannot exist in your real life, because it would be such a surreal thing to. They are like figments of our imagination...

no, they're rather our imagination. We imagine those people in real life to be ours when in reality, they can't be.

The pain is dull and silent, but that what makes him come to life on these pages.

His face lit beside the bonfire. I imagined running my fingers, tracing them through it. He seemed too perfect to be true, and my reality, it all dissolved in a slurry as I did see him.

Time and my mind stopped, forgetting about my mundane life and I slipped into bliss. His features? They were sculpted. So perfect, divine, yet so real. I craved.

His hair has a different updo, and I did run my fingers through them, they had a tint of magenta in them. I wish I could do that while we shared this pure blissful feeling.

The truth is, I crave for him no matter how much I try not to. He is that perfect, that man who makes me forget my surroundings.

One glance, and I forgot all resolutions I ever took about not thinking about him, looking at him like there is no one.

I can't help it. Help feel pure love and pain at the same time, at the sight of him.

Oh, what he does to me.

And no, he'll never be my reality.

He's my everlasting, omnipresent dream.

He will always be.

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