In Between

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drunken dreams and sober memories dissolve

In Between

I want it

I need it

I need to know

that it’s not with you.

But you ran away with my pain

and swallowed it

chasing it off one shot after another.

I don’t know how to act when things are good

but I know how to get the trash can when you can’t make it to the toilet.

I know how to call your sister when you’ve gone missing

and how to fold 100 cranes to guide you back home

because they made you feel beautiful

and you were beautiful.

I saw you soar from the top of your bed

smiling as you swirled among the flock.

Your eyes were smiling too.

But now I’ve lost them

and it’s getting cold.

I can’t break this ice you're drowning in

or is it me

on the other side

running out of air.

We are different people and

we come from different places

but even the moon and sun can meet

in the same sky as drunken dreams

and sober memories dissolve

somewhere in the in between.

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