Your eyes have a door, I found the key
Your eyes have a door, 

I found the key lo ve stories

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He tells me, "write me something nice." I say, FUCK YOU ALL. ;)

Your eyes have a door, I found the key

He tells me, "write me something nice."

I say, FUCK YOU ALL. =]

But nah, here you go, my sweet poison.

"You are not perfect. But you are enough."

The seed planted quite some time ago has started to grow out of control.

The funny thing is, I didn't even realize I planted this seed. I seem to have dropped it, while skipping through my gardens one day.

I sensed the change back then, but let's fast forward to current day, shall we?

The vines grow wildly, without care. Asphyxiation. With every passing moment.

Going in and out of consciousness. Trying my very best to remain calm and alert. I don't want to miss anything.

Everything. Every. Fucking. Thing. Every song. Every word. Every meal. Every stranger I pass on the street. All of this shit, without end.

But can you guess what remains center stage? YOU.

I know this is what you wanted from the beginning. Isn't it? I mean, maybe not like this. But then again, MAYBE like this. Who fucking knows anymore. All I know is.....

I only *thought* I was spinning out of control before. But now...something else has taken grip of me. My soul. My being.

I do everything I can to ward you off. To forget about you. But it's impossible. I know that now. And now that you have decided to take this twisted game to another level, it's so hard for me.

I feel stir crazy. I want to scream. I want to laugh. I want to cry. I want to take this fucking laptop and throw it with every ounce of my strength, against the wall in front of me.

Then maybe finish it off with a nice beating from a solid Louisville slugger.

Then only for a moment I might feel at peace.

Riddle me this, darling:

Did you know you were capable of creating mayhem like this? Were you aware of the power your electric eyes hold?

Who knew you would leave such a harsh mark on my inner existence?

Did you?

Well, now you do know.

I've been hesitant with expressing these things to you, for obvious reasons.

Which forces me to say one last thing...

I know you crave power. Control. I get it...

I also know that those eyes of yours silently speak to me.

That silence is fucking deafening.....

The ringing in my ears...louder...louder..and then fading once again...

Your eyes enter mine and then so quickly begin to fill by body and consume me whole, for only a moment in time.

Demanding nothing less than my full attention, I slip out of reality and into this surreal world with you.

This world is ours. For anything we desire. You now know the power you hold.

And it is now your move. I am confident in your judgement. So, ready to continue, lover?

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