The ABC's Of The Boyfriend Blues [p]

The ABC's 
Of The Boyfriend Blues 
[p] paranoid stories
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P is for Paranoid

The ABC's Of The Boyfriend Blues [p]

P is for Paranoid

Paranoid (adj.) 1. Intense anxious or fearful feelings and thoughts often related to persecution, threat, or conspiracy. 2. Irrational suspicion or mistrust of others.

Part of me is still

Alive. I realize how this sounds... but

Really, I didn't become fully conscious of that until

After you decided that you'd had enough... Because

Now, I feel fucking deader than ever. I

Only wish that after all of this,

I could get through to you. Even if it

Didn't change anything... Just so you could see.

Thank all of you lovely readers/writers/commenters for reading my things... You are my main source of motivation

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