The ABC's of the Boyfriend Blues [b]

     The ABC's of the Boyfriend 

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B is for Bullshit

The ABC's of the Boyfriend Blues [b]

B is for Bullshit

B.efore I tell you about my fucked up existence, I need you to

U.nderstand a few things. 1. I may or may not be crazy. 2. I won't to you about anything, regardless of how crazy I am. 3. Shit could get

L.ess than desirable at times. But at least you'll know I'm

S.erious. As fuck. Okay? So let's get into this, shall we?

H.e is dreamy. Like a Greek model. You know, the dark hair, bright green,

I.ntense eyes that will pierce your soul, and a big pearly white smile. But...

T.his is the moment it's important to remember: looks can be deceiving.

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