The ABC's of the Boyfriend Blues [d]

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blondee Community member
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D is for Don't Fucking Bother

The ABC's of the Boyfriend Blues [d]

D is for Don't Fucking Bother

Don't fucking bother. Just don't.... Am I the only one that sees how

Obvious it is that you're running from the truth? Your

Narcissistic ways have got me so fucking tangled; I want to run

To the other end of the world. But something, somehow, keeps me

Fucking trapped. I crave every inch of you and you refuse to

Understand the mess you've left me in. This perfectly

Created disaster. Like the words I'm writing now. I

Know I'm difficult to comprehend sometimes, but

It's not my fault. Your eyes hold a power so fierce. That's

Nothing though, when you consider the way your hands

Grip my body. I nearly lose control thinking about it,

But I can't help and I the only one feeling

On top of the world because of your voodoo? Or is

This all just some spell you put me under? It must be. You're only

Here for such little time. And then you runaway again. You go, leaving me

Empty, yet again. Now I'm questioning every bit of my existence and

Realizing I should have never even bothered...

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