My Concern With How We Learn

My Concern With How We Learn poem stories

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Why do you insist on keeping me this way?

My Concern With How We Learn

Learning is a magical thing

But as we get older, it's only old ideas that we seem to bring.

Isn't it strange?

How a single moment can forever change your opinion on another human being?

Imagine if we could drop our guards and meet each other somewhere in between.

There, we could finally see the true potential each of us has to bring.

Learning is magical, indeed it is quite true.

But re-learning is much more than that, it's harder to pursue.

Harder for most of us because it forces you to change the way you see

I'm only saying, possibly, just maybe,

You could try and re-learn me?

Or am I only just a chore to you? Not a single thing more?

You're running, fast, I can't keep up. But you promised-

You fucking swore...

And it's all because you think I'm the same as I was before.

But I'm not.

I give you all of me, and you choose to just ignore.

So I'll take it with a grain of salt, when you say you're just a man who needs a whore.

But here's the key, for when you come back, and try to open up my door.

Because I've been learning that people makes mistakes, even the people we adore.

So go ahead. Go explore. Go find out exactly what's in store.

You already know you've ripped me apart and cut me to my core.

Just don't be surprised when I finally decide to just

slam my fucking door.

Thank you for reading. <3

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