Making Friends With The Devil Pt.2 <Megan>
Making Friends With The Devil Pt.2

<Megan> psychological stories

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Make sure you read Part 1 first! <3

Making Friends With The Devil Pt.2 <Megan>

"Hi." said Luke.

"Hi." replied Megan.

Their eyes remained locked.

"Um, is there possibly a bathroom somewhere close?" Megan grinned. "I'm about to pee myself. Hahah."

Luke chuckled. Their gaze finally broke and Luke reached for the keys in the ignition.

"There's a bathroom inside. It's clean, I promise." He turned to look at her. His eyes were soft.

"Anything other than this nice leather set would be great." She smiled and reached for the door.

The pace Luke jumped out of the car at was unlike anything Megan had ever seen. He pulled the door open for her and stepped back.

"Thank you."

He nodded without saying a word and made his way to the front door. Megan's eyes scanned her surroundings quick, taking it all in, but without any hint of fear.

Luke unlocked the door and pushed it open. He stepped back and insisted that she go ahead.

Megan stepped in and gasped.

"Wow. This place is beautiful."

The ceilings were high. There was a hallway entrance on each side of them. A long black table with matching chairs sat at the other end of the room she was standing in.

She could see what looked like a personal movie theater with luxury seating off to the left. The smell in the air reminded her of being a child, at her grandmother's house.

Her grandmother loved to bake.

"This way." said Luke, motioning toward the right hallway entrance.

The hallway was long and each door they passed was closed up tight. Various paintings hung on the walls.

"You have great taste." She nudged to the turquoise and yellow painting to her left, then to the paintings behind them.

"Oh, uh, thank you. They're mine. I mean-well, of course they're mine, but I mean, they're mine. I painted them."

He was nervous and he knew she could see it.

"Well, here we are." said Luke. This was the only open door in the entire hallway.

"Take your time. You're welcome to anything in here. I already set out some towels and other toiletries you might need if you want to take a shower or anything. The jacuzzi tub is lovely.

There's clothes too, in the walk-in closet or down the hallway. The last door on the left. You'll find anything and everything you'll need. If you don't, I'll take care of it."

Megan stared at him with a grin. She started to dance around, reminding him of the urgency.

"Oh, I'm so sorry...and I didn't mean you have to shower or anything. I was just- I mean, uh, I'll be in the kitchen if you need me. I'm gonna make some coffee.

Do you want some coffee and maybe some breakfast? When you're done of course." He tripped over his words, but he felt like he was tripping over his feet and hitting the ground face first.

"The kitchen is at the end down the other hall. Please, make yourself comfortable."

And with that, Luke disappeared down the hallway and out of sight. Megan swore she heard him calling himself an idiot.

She took a deep breathe and closed the bathroom door behind her.

DUNDUNDUN... Haha. As always, thanks for reading and please follow me to stay in the loop with this story if you are enjoying it so far. <3

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