Making Friends With The Devil Pt. 5 <Luke>
Making Friends With The Devil Pt. 5

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Read Parts 1-4 first! Thank you all for reading my words. <3

Making Friends With The Devil Pt. 5 <Luke>

Do you know the old phrase about how silence screams? This was one of those moments.

Megan, Luke, and Julia all remained motionless and mute.

Luke was the first to move. His dark eyes looked determined, but there was something peculiar washing over him. The energy in the room started to shift.

"Though I do enjoy a good circus, I have had more than enough this morning."

"You aren't welcome here, Julia, so I'm going to ask you once; kindly set my key on the table, and see your way the fuck out of my house."

He stood still, looking at Julia. His eyes didn't move. Megan hadn't moved an inch. Julia's words echoed in her head.

"...I slept with Michael..."

She let out an unsettled sigh. The sun was starting to rise over the hills and poke in through the blinds, causing her to feel blind momentarily.

When her vision refocused she looked toward Julia, then to Luke.

Julia was staring at Luke with nothing left but defeat in her eyes. The sun was getting hotter as each long minute passed and the air around them felt heavy.

His attention shifted again. He was having trouble fighting the fantasies now that's she's so close... He imagined them being alone again. She's so grateful for her hero......

.....They exchange a few awkward words and smiles, and then she asks to see how the jacuzzi works...He's leading her down the hallway... He starts the water, and turns to Megan...

"You're gonna pay for this. You, you- you fucking cunt!" Julia's word sliced through the air like razor blades. Luke's fantasy was lost again and reality was hitting full force.

He was so shocked by Julia's sudden outburst, he was at a loss for words.

"Fuck you, Lucas. Fuck you both." She said. Her eyes were black. Before he had time to realize what was happening, Julia spit in his face and took off toward the front door.

Neither of them in any hurry to chase after her for any reason. ...She's lucky Megan is here or I'd-...

"Wow. That was- are you okay?" Megan asked.

"Am I okay? Hahaha. Of course I'm okay. Are you okay? That went quite a bit worse than I had originally anticipated...I mean, I'm sorry that-." His words trailed off.

What the hell do you say to a person in a moment like this? I mean, really?

"I'm sorry." Said Megan.

Luke was confused.

"You're sorry? Why in the world are you sorry?" he asked.

"Well, because, all this, and-" Luke cut her off.

"Shh, shh, shh- that's enough now," he smiled, "besides, I still haven't been able to show you anything yet. C'mon lil lady." Megan couldn't help but smile at Luke's fake country accent.

Did she find She wasn't sure, but she took his hand anyway. They started down the hallway, and Megan turned to Luke,

"What's with all these locked doors anyway?"

Luke's heart raced. His fingers were actually touching her fingers. Her skin was so soft. Was this a dream? The pace his heart beat was dancing was a good indication that this must be real...

It was like magic. Everything was happening just as he imagined so many times. She made him weak but even more she made him feel powerful. He was ready to play.

"Do you really want to know?" his fingers ran along hers. He continued to trace along her body, up her arms, down each side of her rib cage, and along the curve of her hips.

His blood was pumping hard but his breathe remained slow and steady. His fingers continued moving along her hips and across her lower abdomen. Goosebumps started to grow across her stomach.

She looked at him, nervously.

"I really want to know." Her voice was seductive and it drove Luke wild. He wanted to taste every inch of her. He tried his best to keep himself under control.

He removed his hands from her waistline.

"Alright, well you asked for it." He turned to the bedroom door behind them. It looked like an ordinary door, to the untrained eye.

Luke pressed his index finger to a circle located on the middle of the door. The circle began glowing a radiant sky blue color around his finger. Then a voice spoke,

"Lucas, is that you?" It was the voice of a female. Not a normal female...

"It's me, Annabelle. I have a friend with me, though. The one I've been telling you about." Luke quickly looked at Megan, wondering what she was thinking.

"THE one, Lucas? How did you pull that one off? Where is she? Is she okay? You didn't hurt the poor girl, did you?"

"Enough Annabelle, just open up so we can come down please," Luke turned to Megan,

"Annabelle is my AI assistant. I built her about 10 years ago t-"

"It's been 12 years, Lucas. Always so forgetful, he is. Where would you be without me, Lucas?"

Her voice resembled the voice of a human, in a way; but there was still a strange lack of emotion. Or soul, maybe.

"Woah..." Megan's eye grew as the door slid into the wall, out of sight. There stood a small round space. The space wasn't very big.

The two of them would be pretty close if they attempted to walk inside together. Not a terrible idea, Luke thought.

"So that's it?" she asked.

Luke laughed.

"C'mon," he held out his hand, once more. "Don't you trust me?"

"But-okay..." Megan shrugged. What did she have to lose? Things couldn't get much weirder, could they?

Megan and Luke stepped inside the dark room and the door slid back out of the wall, in front of them, closing them in. Megan closed her eyes and waited.

Luke gripped her hand tight.

"Here we go."

I hope you're still enjoying my story! Thank you for reading! I will be posting the next part soon! <3

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