Fuck you.

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blondee Community member
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Yeah, you.

Fuck you.

Fuck you.

I'm sorry, but those words are way overdue.

What the fuck am i supposed to do?

Because no matter which route I take, You continue to misconstrue.

Your bullshit fucking attitude seems to be the only thing consistent and on cue.

So like I said a second ago, just to say it again, Fuck you. Fuck you. FUCK YOU.

For all the fucking shit you do. The shit you say you'd never fucking do.

And all the shit you put us through.

I could name more than just a few.

I think the worst part is that this new you, isn't even you.

And I'm fading fast without you; everything else is too. The world has quickly turned into an ugly shade of blue.

But you act like you haven't even got the slightest fucking clue.

This fucking act you're putting on... It's an uncomfortable, almost unbearable, fucked up kind of new.

What the fuck have we gotten ourselves into?

I mean really, just look; you know it's fucking true.

We're like some fucking animals locked up in a motherfucking zoo.

And now, look at all this bullshit I'm starting to fucking spew!

My words tell the story of a sad picture I just verbally fucking drew.

And the only words I had to recite were just a fucking few.

I think I covered it well, don't you fucking think so too?

The only thing I have left to say is I think I deserve an explanation now, but I'm sure you won't come through.

If not an explanation. an apology will do.

But you know I love to hear your crazy thoughts and your fucked up point of view.

So if you decide you want to talk, c'mon, we'll probably have a brilliant breakthrough.

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