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blodhgrama SheWearsSmellOfBloodAndDeathLikeAPerfume
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Nothing is ever easy, especially Love. Tough, extrodinarly and forbidden Love.

Motorcycles, leather jackets, strict rules and secrets are the world of Blake Black.
Intelligent, sweet, outgoing, but mysterious Beca Hale.

When two different words collide all is left to do is fight for what is yours or surrender.

RednBlack #I

*Blank* She feels how her legs trail the ground collecting sere leaves in the way following by hard footsteps hitting the muddy ground. Rough hands gripping the sides of her waist sorely dipping the nails through the shirt material into her skin. *Blank*

*Blank* Her body hit the hard, dry ground beneath, a second pass and her ears touch an echoing sound of a human scream. Through her half opened heavy eyelids in the background, she sees sunlight finding its way through a giant tree branch. *Blank*

*Blank* This time, then she feels her senses trying to awaken again, her eyes focus on the figure interrupting the setting. All her vision manages to catch was silver a badge looking like a hawk attached to the person’s chest and a hideous mask fully covering the stranger’s face. *Blank*

*Blank* Then she hears this voice, this supposed to be the sweet familiar voice, but the sound that reaches her ears is full of pain and sadness. Gathering all of the strength that was still left in her paralyzed body, she turns her head to the source of the scream. Her bloodshot eyes lay on the gray dressed body.

Watching the figure shift from a position closer to her, she imitates the move, stretching a hand towards the figure. Before their fingers could touch, she feels how her body once again surrounds weakness. *Blank*

*Blank* And one last time she hears this almost inaudible whisper and from this moment she holds on to this. She holds on to this voice. In one word it said everything that needed to be said, it said something that everyone in her life was terrified even to think about...

‘Blake’ she heard and her lips desired to say all those words back. *Blank*

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