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blodhgrama SheWearsSmellOfBloodAndDeathLikeAPerfume
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because your heart will always remember it, no matter how much your mind will try to forget it

that one person I

have you ever lay down in your bed and just think.

think about the people you have ever met.

how they looked? what was the first thought came up to your mind when you saw them for the first time?

was it good or bad? does it really matter now?

or maybe your mind is just concentrating on that one person, who has been ruling your mind for a long time.

that one person you tried so hard not to think about, even if you know it’s impossible.

even your mind tried to escape from them. because it terrifies you, what is going to happen, if you let this person in your head.

so you buried this person in the depths of your heart.

you covered up every single thing about this person.

and at the end, you whispered to yourself, if I am not going to see, hear and touch this person, it’s not going to hurt anymore...

but the thing you don't know, is how in fact deep you buried this person. maybe just a look going to bring it all up again, maybe just a simple touch, will destroy everything you were working on.

...because it’s just that one person, you can’t imagine existing without....

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