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Loving you

by blissfully

Loving you is like loving the rain

It's like driving through it in the spring

It's when everything is bright and green

And it smells like home and fresh starts

Loving you is like laying on fresh sheets

Soft against my rough skin

Loving you is as easy as breathing

Something innate Something I feel I was born to do

Loving you is waking up in the mornings

To the wind coming in through my window The sun shining through the curtains

Loving you is your hands

It's your legs and your ankles Your neck and the pulse that lays there

Loving you is your eyes

It's your laugh and ear to ear smile It's your shaggy hair and the way it curls around your ears

While loving you is

the rain, the sheets, and the early mornings

It is also the storms

It's harsh against my window hard enough to make me pull over to make me cower under my sheets

Yet loving you is knowing

That once the rain has settled, and the storm has moved on There will be a rainbow at the end

The smell of home will once again settle

And you, With your wrists, and your ankles, and your shaggy blonde hair wrapped around my fingers Gasping your love into my mouth in the early morning on The sheets we share

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