Why write ?
                       Why write ? writing stories

blissfullxo run away with me?
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why I pen these words, I mean .. they just flow.

Why write ?

why I pen these words,

I mean .. they just flow.

It's like an abandoned bathtub, water continuously splashing hard.

It bubbles out of me, easy. Freeing. Nothing forced, not even asked for.

Just a cause and effect of the emotions I don't show. Or words I can't form without a pen.

I would love nothing more than to send you this link.

Let you carousel the pages I scribbled on.

Stained and abused paper.

Smudged ink I bled in.

Let you in, all while I'm letting it out.

Exhale these things I don't have the heart to tell you.

Yet shame and fear shield my hand from pressing send.

They whisper, "Are you crazy, remember what he said the last time?" So I listen to them.

For I would rather them be right than I be wrong. I can't bear that again.

Instead, I’ll share it with strangers. You see, that was my heart on a plate for you.

But instead of appreciating the gesture you stabbed that same beating heart with your steak knife.

So, no. I refuse to send you more of my organs I happen to need for myself.

I'll choose selfish at this point, and it pains me to do so.

But, I've learned now.....

I'm writing for myself and my sanity only.

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