The "wife" is her name
The "wife" is her name  forever stories

blissfullxo run away with me?
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Ode to my ride or die

The "wife" is her name

I gave her that name some time ago

No, she isn't my lover

Just the only one that really knows

"Best friend" sounds so bland

has a lame ring to it

secrets only she can understand

So, shhh don't you dare repeat em

My life really started after her

Will end that way

Pre- her is just a blur

I know her just the same

We've been inseparable

She knows all my pain

Just one look across the room is all it takes

We laugh a lot

Just like girls do

But these laughs come from the belly

this friendship always grew

since little girls

so innocent

now were grown up,

know way more shit

Still talk all day

Like this is a marriage

Can't see my life without you

it wouldn't make sense

I dare you to move away

Fuck if I wouldn't drop all of this

Begin where we left off

No matter which area you picked

Because our sisterhood is real

It's been through the worst

and all the best

but I be damned if you were gone

Just like all the rest....

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