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blissfullxorun away with me?
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Fresh wounds take forever to heal


Don't slip on the wet tile.

My blood has saturated the entire floor.

So just be careful where you step, for fear that you might fall

...into the mess that we made.

I didn't mean for this to happen

but I shed tears and blood

when you punctured the spot that I finally patched back together.

My skin is still stinging in the spot where you left your scar.

I thought the fresh wound would heal quicker than this.

I, however, was in denial of how permanent you would be.

I'm sorry those are your new shoes....

I tried to clean it up before you walked in.

I thought I could hide this too from you.

But you didn't even throw me a towel when you decided to bust veins open.

Slashing arteries.

Did you sharpen your blade before you did this?

You must have.

I really wish you would have just finished the job

instead of forcing me to clean up such a catastrophe.

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