Lies for your Lies
Lies for your Lies  faux stories

blissfullxo run away with me?
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Lies are a false fortress

Lies for your Lies

The Power of a lie, or lies... hell, no one can tell me otherwise

Lies are a false fortress.

A hidden secret that puffs up your chest.

Tells you that you can get away with it.

Honesty is foolish.

It's worthless.

Untruth is powerful and priceless.

A secret society.

Who can you trust with your lies? Who would dare believe a thing you say after you tell them the falsehood which you hide under? Will they look at you like the monster you are?

Or instead, reason with you. Encourage you to tell another, and another. Or even yet, help you think of more devious believable deception.

In turn, you can always bury them in the marrow of your bones.

Intertwined in the fibers of your tissue. Punctured into the dermis of your skin. Forever to return to dust with you, and you alone.

That is, if you don't get caught....

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