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blissfullxo run away with me?
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Funnel your complexities into my mouth

Let's play

Let's​ play a game


Lets actually close our eyes for a brief fleeting moment.

Tell me all your woes

Trepidations, regrets,

Life altering moments

Tell me about the women before me

So I know their mistakes,

why they are swept into your dark and dusty past

Why I am indeed in the present with you

Explain in lengthy detail why I'm the one you need

Don't leave anything out

You see, it's my low self-esteem​

I need to know that you really want to look into these eyes

These hands, you want to wipe your tears

my heart is considered fragile,

That is after I made it somewhat whole again

it has makeshift glue, tape, and staples


So please don't drop it down 4 flights of stairs

Please don't use it as a bowling ball

Like he would do all the time

Please I beg you

Show it the caution you would give to a newborn

Or just reciprocate what you want from me

I just want to show you love

not the stingy

Or the selfish

Neither the angry,

plotting or spiteful

Just the soft


Passionate and explorative

Kinky but polite



Charming but real

There isn't room in this home for deceit


False intentions

Those are things I'm guilty of, in truth

But aren't we all?

let's gas up

put the windows down

Drink too many red bulls

drive far far away from this place

taste each others innocence

funnel your complexities into my mouth

Like a slurpy on a hot day

I crave you

Through and through


Can you smell my excitement?

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