His back (BillDip FF Series) Chapter 1
His back (BillDip FF Series)
Chapter 1 billdip stories

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Bill...He is back...as a human?

His back (BillDip FF Series) Chapter 1

Oh I forgot to tell you! I am a billdip shipper! And this is my first story on commaful so enjoy!

Warnings||~ Gay Love Swearing 12+ {SomeTimes}

Dipper’s P.O.V Hey I am Dipper! Well dipper pines. And I am 16 years old! I well...You see since bill has be gone for a while everything has changed. Well Mabel is still Mabel. And me is still me. Gunkle ford and Stan is still sailing across the sea. Leaving me with Mabel,soos,Wendy and Pacifica. This may sound surprisingly strange but Pacifica changed alot.

Pacifica well started to like Mabel. And they started to date. They have been dating for 6 months now and I am still surprised. Bill haven’t came around yet and well...I have been looking more into him..and I started to realized that he looks hot in human form. No he does for real! (Me: what am I writing?)

Mabel:”Hey dipper! Have you seen my baby?” Dipper:” Pacifica?” Mabel:” Yeah her have you seen her?” Dipper:” um... I think she went home I don’t know Mabel. I really don’t like her” Mabel:” we forgave her! And she so lovely now!) (Jimin: we’re so lovely your lovely lovely lovely lovely)? Chim💜💜

Dipper:”yeah I know we forgave her but I still don’t like her! Can you close the door? I need to fin-“ Mabel:” c’mon let’s take a stroll in gravity falls”-pulls arm Dipper:” I don’t want to Mabel” Mabel:” when did you say no to an adventure!?” Dipper:” I..fine let’s go” Bill’s P.O.V TBC

-Sorry it is short- Bye Army,Blinks,People!💜

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