Hewo there!💜
Hewo there!💜 depression stories
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blinkstomybts Hewo! I am a multi. Kpop fan! Purple u💜
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Facts About me? Idk well I mean read if you want. Thanks for actually reading! Purple you guys💜

Hewo there!💜

Hewo! My name is Olivia! But you can call me Liv Or any name you feel comfortable to say/write! I am In the LGBTQ+[?] I am Bisexual! I like both girls and boys. So basically both sexes/Genders.

I love BTS the most! But I do like other bands/Artist then them. Um like for an example I love Three Days grace,Twice,day6,Exo,NCT,Red hot chili peppers,.TXT,Red velvet, and more.

If I keep going on then there will be thousands and thousands. I listen to a lot of artists/Bands/Soloist. But For now BTS will be my all time favorite Korean boy band.

Also has anyone seen frozen 2?!?! Like damn it was amazing! If you haven't watched it yet I suggest you do!! Well if you are an a frozen Stan! If that makes sense?

So um let's start with facts about me now then?

Fact one: I love kpop (Well if you know me in real life and not just on a screen it is really obviously)

Fact Two: I am Taken. I am Dating Two girls my age. A three-Some. And hell no it isn’t sex!!

Fact Three: I love anime because of my big brother.

Fact four: I have written over 100 stories. On paper,Computer,phones and tabets.

Fact Five: My favorite story is: One piece of paper. It’s a gay love story. On www.quotev.com Forget the username sorry. Oh and follow me on quotev please! Username: MinYoongiIsMyBais Sunnydays1870

Fact six: I have over 70 followers on quotev

Fact seven: (Personal) I have depression. I also have an eating disorder called binge eating disorder. And I have a low self esteem I also started to cut on my wrist on September 1st. If your an army you will notice it is Jeongguk’s/Jungkook’s birthday.

Fact eight: I always had trouble with math. As long as I lived so far math is always a tough subject to me.

Fact nine: I Hate: opening up, homo bro day, people(depends on who), BTS haters, and People who talk shit about my mom.

Fact ten: Everybody in school kinda knows I am bi and in a threesome.

Fact eleven: I starve myself when I don’t like something.

I guess the end of getting to know me I guess. Umm..I don’t have much to say other than what I said/wrote here. Bye Blinks,Army,People.

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