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"There's so much I want to tell you."



You probably don't remember me. That's okay. I don't expect you to. It's been five years since I last saw you. Sorry. I was busy.

Do you remember what we used to do during school? We were so reckless back then...

I hated school. I despised it. I was the one with the worse grades. You had the best. And yet...

You became friends with me.

Why? I always wondered about that. I was confused, but I cherished it. You were the one who introduced me to the only activity that I found interesting in school.


I love band. The moment I walked in to the small room , earbuds in my ears, thinking that this would be boring, and set my eyes on everyone else...

I fell in love with it. I fell in love with the oboe, no matter how hard I wanted to quit in the beginning.

And you were the one who introduced me to it. And I'll never stop being thankful that you did.

Especially when I'm now planning for a career in music. Nine years ago I would've never thought about that.

I- I miss you.


I miss your laughter, and the way your eyes would lit up whenever you played the bassoon. I miss the way you would smile and congratulate me when I played something right.

I miss the way we used to be.

...You missed graduation, you know?

You missed the show at the end of the year where we all performed. You missed the beautiful solo played by Amara. She played the flute. Do you remember?

You always told me that you weren't fond of Amara. She was too competitive. You didn't like her very much. I didn't either, at first.

But I changed my mind about her.

She's so kind. She was one of the few classmates who still visits your grave each year. Your mother told me that she would always see her.

Even I stopped coming after a while. I'm such a horrible friend, right?

But I couldn't take it. I couldn't bear to see your picture and name on the grave. I couldn't accept the fact that you were dead.

And I still can't. I'm sorry.

There's so much I want to tell you.

I wish you were alive. So much has happened in the past few years. Did you know that I dyed my hair blue?

Your favorite color was always blue.

I brought my oboe today. I joined band in college. I recently graduated. God, it's been so long.

...want to hear me play?


So, did you like it? I practiced for months in order to play for you.

I hope you did.

I have to go now. I'm sorry.

I'll see you soon. I promise.


I love you.

See you soon.

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