She Kept Me Warm
She Kept Me Warm love2016 stories

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She Kept Me Warm

by blindbudget

She was a fire,

spilling over,

Blazing through the hearts of all she met.

But it would be impossible to tell from her smile,

Dazzlingly bright, it made any nonbeliever fall in love,

That in truth, her soul was like the moon,

so she danced like the sun.

When she met me,

I didn't care much for the time of day.

I didn't care much for anything at all.

But she was extraordinary.

Her laugh left me purified, spinning my heart in giddy circles every time.

She gave me a reason.

A reason to believe in the love story between the sun and the moon, between the forests and the rains, and just in love.

Maybe that's why I've always seen her as a fire.

Because even as her spark went out,

it sapped away with grace, never to be forgotten.

In the end, we both did what we had to.

We kept each other warm.

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