Legend of the Sun King's Daughter
Legend of the Sun King's Daughter internetpoetryjam stories

blese www.generativity.us
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Let's have a visual poetry jam with artLABmaui! How would you illustrate your favorite poem? What imagery would you use? What if the images moved? Create a visual dance between the words and the scenes on the screen. Awards for the Most Creative Use of Emoji, the Most Exciting Interplay of Imagery and Word, the Most Unexpected Juxtaposition, the Most Unexpected Ending, the Most Surprising Title, and the Most Creative Metadata. Whatever you do, #beTheMost #saidTheKing #heCommanded but whatever you do #whisperedThePoet and what ever you say #whisperedTheFool to do what Maui did for Mother, because what #MauiSaidToMother was true.

Legend of the Sun King's Daughter

by blese

Bring Me My Daughter


Send me the Moon


"La Bella Luna..."


"Cara Mia,"


The Sun Will Work For You


"Legends of Neo Pacifica" Visual Poetry Jam with @artLABmaui

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