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Uile is not happy with his life, as with no memory. He stumbles upon a mysterious

magical book that gave him the power to dream of a mysterious world, that he is in

of every time he sleeps. He does not understood his world, this. He decides to

travel and discover this vast new world, where he meet new friends, enemies, and

their mysterious connection to him. What will await him on his journey to new

discoveries? (background preview of world)(also uile in the background)

Note: this is in a comic book format.

-bolded -means the characters action/Panels

-not bolded- means the character dialouge/Captions

- Empty line between the lines of words means new page

-the Story still in the working process. Every revise will make every chapter better in all ways. I will keep improving each one. Even tho if it say it's say complete. I will come back to it to more edits during and after on the work.

-Please leave comments, as feedback to help improve the writing of the story. I will keep learning to make to make a better journey of it.

- One this this finish it will be back into a comic format. But for now am leaving it in novel format to make it easier to read.

-One it is complete I hope to this in artstyle of anime.

Hearts: The Journey to a dream

Complete Darkness.Suddendly spark of light came out of the blue in disnace. A figure falling in the dark. Closer look of the persn.

It show a red hair, pointy ear, in a purlle outfit with purple shoes, pacs out while flying. While a voice talking the moment. To hurry. There bearly anything left. said a voice.

Then darkness cover him.

A clear dark blue night, of a full moon with shiny stars, A dark blue clear sea around an island, of city of lights.

Few moment later in silence in the sky of it. Suddenly, appear a private small plane flying towards the island.

The plan begins to lower towards an by theairport by the city. It begins to lands on it. It lands on the track. It redusing speed on it. It heading close to the airport. It finally stops.

Two black car drove to the front of the left side of the plane. They park in front of it. People got out of the car. They walk towards it.

They line up in two lanes of right and left in front of the front car side, while one of the by the door.Few seconds past. The door open on the front upper right side of it.

The stairs went on the ground. A lady in grey uniform appear by inside the plane door.

Appear a black outfit person wearing black hat that cover his face, with a black jacket, black gloves, black pants, while caring a black suit case on his right hand came out of the door.

The lady address the person next that they have arrived, as she bow down to him," We have arrived at your destination sir" said the lady. He replay his awareness.

" "Yes, thank you" said the blackout fit person. The person begins to walk down the stairs. The view of black car, with four other people in black work outfits, as they were bowing their heads.

The blackout person walk past them. The driver opens the door for the person, while, ask how him how his trip went. "I hope your trip was well sir?" said the driver.

The person address with an answer." It was well" said the blackout fit person. He enters the car.

The driver person close the door behind him. The driver walks to the other side of the car. He got in the driver seat. The car then began to drive, as well as the other one.

They drove away from the airport. They then drive off on a road.

The driver ask where are their destination."Where to sir? said the driver. He gave his answer of the name destination. "Terry plaza" replay the black outfit person. The resonsoned to his answer.

"Yes sir" replay the driver. The car continues to drive on the road by a beach of a blue night of bright full moon, with the sky, stars and it's reflection In the water.

A voice ask a question about the person destion. Terry plaza? .... father ? said a voice. He looks up shright.

It is tall teenager person with short white hair, white skin, blue eyes, whte shirt and and blue jeans sitting down.

The blackout person explaining his reason. Yes. I know you feel upset with me. but this our only chance. said the black outfit person.

The white hair person turn his head, as looking at the car window. They moving, as the the view of the ocean at night, while he is quite. He trying to help him understand the sitation.

"I promise you that things will be clear to you one day" said the black coat person. Few seconds past, as the car is driving. They have came towards a plaza.

They enter it that is full of shops; with an empty parking lot. He said where to stop. ......"Please stop at that comic store that is called "Dream Comics" said the black outfit person.

The car drive towards the of the comic store. It then park in front of it. The driver got out, while the other car began to park behind it. The person then open the door.

The black coat came out of the car. He raises his head. He looks at the store. Few second past. He turn back behind him. The view white hair waiting in silence.

The white hair boy continues to be quite by not looking at him. Few seconds past in silence. The person turn his head. He walks towards the store entrance. the person close the door.

the boy waiting in silence. he had tears coming down his eyes.

There a sign on upper part of the door, that say it is close, also of logo of a stick character sleeping on a bed at night. He walks towards the door. He stops in of it.

He put his suitcase down on the ground. He then put his right hand in his jacket pocket.

The black outfit person then pulls out a gold key. He put in the door knob. He turn it. He opens it.

The black out person puts the key back in his pocket. He picks his suitcase back up. He then walks in the room, while the workers are behind him.

The last person walks in close the door. Moonlight shines in the room.

They walk in an area full comics books that are on all sides of the walls, also shirts and actions figures in boxes of the middle of the store, a front counter with a computer on it,

that it's all dark.

One the workers turn on a switch by the door. The light began turn on. It show the whole area. The blackout person then notices something.

A door in the back. The person walks toward it. The workers follow him. He then opens it. He then enter the back room.

The blackout fit person noticed a switch next to the door left side of him. He press on it with his left hand. The lights begins to turn on.

The room is full of boxes, a brown table in the middle of the area. He walks in the room. The people follow behind him.

They then all went towards boxs. They begin to search on them. They look at the top it of a information section on them. Few seconds past.

Until one of them came across a certain one by the table as, he notice it.

The worker grabs the box. He Lift it. He put on the table. His hand on the information section.

A hand, while a closer look of information section that say "Delivery to 745 hawaii drive. Package to Uile Tomas."

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