Where angels fear to thread
Where angels fear to thread break stories
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blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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And she was none the wiser.

Where angels fear to thread

Chimes dangle around an invisible entrance, the winds push back the single invader. Time could not end her, fear wouldn't dare let a defense commence.

She stood firm in front of the unseen gate, hoping secretly to not be late. Dread let her in, loneliness showed her the way, sadness presented her.

Fear lived to serve her, courage to make her feel at home, happines to make sure she has nothing to complain about.

Then a gust sweept them away, and she stood alone.

And so she stood waiting for the wind to bring everything back...

It never did.

It only pushed them further away from the motionless, emotionless husk.

Because she didn't think things through...

Because fools rush...

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