When the sea calls
When the sea calls sky stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Only one person could answer.

When the sea calls

Jonah finally made his way down the stairs, and set foot on the stage.

Everyone already on the island clapped for the young maestro of all that is beautiful.

Jonah was immediately thrust into his role of the opening ceremony of the festival: an explorer stuck on a deserted island.

He played it effortlessly, partly because he was taken aback by the new world away from his familiar city.

Everything was going flawlessly, but after Jonah finished his part of the play, he noticed behind the huge crowd some movements in the water.

They seemed rhythmical, almost like a trained beast was marching bellow the waterline.

The waves called for the boy, and he wanted to comply, the only thing stopping him being the other parts of the festival he was involved in,

and so he tried to forget about the mistery in the sea.

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