When the script is flipped
When the script is flipped seeing-red stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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And he thinks that what he did was just.

When the script is flipped

Seeing red while he bled made him rend the one wound he wanted to mend,

His heart sank deeper, echoing like a broken speaker, looking for a way to strip her...

memory of all meaning.

And try he did, 'till the moon hid, and the sun rose, her chapter still not ready to close.

He struggled alone, the love they've shown, was not a dream, it was his delusional mind filled to the brim...

"They" was only him, and she was not a "dream", she was as normal as can be, he was just broken and thought her a queen bee.

And fantasies just widen the divide, that already created an ager that wouldn't subside, and the blame fell hard, and left her jarred.

And she pondered for nights on end, what message could she send that made him bend, that made him break.

They never even shared a look.

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