Water drops in a cascade
Water drops in a cascade petrichor stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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After you thought it was meant to last.

Water drops in a cascade

One drop two drops three Splash about, serenading in an off-tune symphony.

Four drops five drops six I didn't expect tears and rain to mix.

Seven drops eight drops nine When they were together it all felt fine

Tenth drop hit her, eleventh him, twelfth made it all like a bad dream; thirteenth cut them apart, fourteenth broke one heart, fifteenth tore the other, now they dont recognise one another.

Once the rain stopped, the tears took its place, the musky scent was the only trace... Of what fears and doubts and drops of water turned to glares of ice that never falter.

And petrichor is just a reminder: Tears and rain do mix, no doubt, but if they do, when the rain stops, tears won't cease to come out.

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